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15 / Canada / art hobbyist! Hello~Welcome to my doodle blog, please call me Asa! I usually draw for stress relief and boredom relief. So I tend to not focus on improvement nowadays;; I like dangan ronpa, pokemon, zero escape, fe:a, vocaloid, mogeko stuff, and many other things ^ p ^

Sorry long time no post! I’ve recently been getting into Love Live!

Hi Hi!! s-sorry for being so inactive lately I’ve been trying to set up commission stuff because I kinda need to earn some money aha;;;

For more info on how to order a commission from me please click THIS LINK

I would really appreciate it if you could spread this around, it would really help me out a lot!

Even though it’s summer whenever I want to take a photo it’s always rainy s-so I can never get a decently bright picture most of the time! Anyway here is a Shiro from NGNL/////

I drew Ryuko and Mako for a palette meme request but the colors don’t turn out nicely at all with my digital sketchbook coloring;;; So here is a color swap ver. instead…!

I did pink Satsuki so here is a blue Nonon! I guess I should draw Ryuko too huh…

I finally got a new sketchbook…! So I’ll try to post more often;;;;;

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Pink Satsuki…! Uwahh Satsuki is my fav heehee I wanna cosplay her one day ^//p//^

Happy (really late) Birthday Croii…!!!

Sorry I took like 200 years to colour this aha….ha;;; Thanks for being such a coolio hella friend man, you were one of my first on DA! Let’s continue to work together to punch the lazy away  ^o^ 9

Everyone keeps asking what kind of marker I use to colour, but I actually digitally colour it! So I made this simple process/tutorial(?) to show what I do. Honestly all you need is steps 1-5 to get the “colour-under” lines…!

If you have questions about this please feel free to ask me! But I will most likely only reply if you are off anon (I’ll reply privately ^o^)